Our Sustainable WishList

Ella Povey

Posted on April 09 2020

Our Sustainable WishList

Are we the only ones that seem to always have the longest wish list that is never ending? Please say it isn’t…

Today we’re sharing with you what’s in our million pound basket (we’ve called it that because there’s no way we could afford it all without a million pounds there’s so much). Let us know what is in your baskets, we’re always looking for sustainable inspo!

All the brands we’ve listed below are ethical and environmentally friendly, we’ve included the links to their about us pages so you can learn more about each individually!


1) Tala – First off, not only is Grace Beverley girl boss goals, but she also lives and breathes sustainability. The woman has founded three incredible companies, one of which is Tala. Old plastic bottles come gym gear come athleisure come our everyday wardrobe! The only reason it hasn’t made it in to our actual wardrobe is because it sells out before we can get our vegan loving hands on it…we’re obviously not the only wants in dire need of some Tala get ups. Vegan, plastic free, cruelty free and environmentally friendly. Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick.
2) AYM – Sussex based womenswear brand AYM produce all of their garments in England in order to reduce the carbon footprint of their supply chain and that earns huge amounts of respect from us! It makes it even sweeter that their clothing is to die for. Double layered fabric improves the quality and cinches in that waist and we can’t wait to try it out. Classy and ethical is the perfect pair in our eyes 👀
3) Sundarbay – We all know the absolute mission it can be to find any vegan leather that is worth investing in, here it is handed to us on a sleek, stylish platter. Sundarbay offer up some of the most flattering vegan leather trousers and jackets we can find and oh my are we excited to try. A little bit of leather can transform a woman, it’s called power dressing…and we have to try it!
4) Collusion – Some might say ASOS is an addiction, but luckily it is one we don’t have to curb thanks to the addition of the sub-brand Collusion. Animal free and sustainably sourced the range is the epitome of inclusivity and non-conformity. If you like street style this is the one for you, it’s relaxed fits and unisex items means it has made its way straight into our wishlist. Comfort is key after all, and what could make you more comfortable than having a guilt free wardrobe?
5) Veja – Potentially the most transparent footwear brand out there, correct us if we’re wrong. I am seeing more and more Veja trainers pop into view when I’m looking at the floor of the tube and at first, it was the style that caught my eye. And then it was everything else the brand embodied. Fairtrade, ethnically sourced, vegan leather shoes beats the rest in our eyes, they disclose every little detail of their business, even how much it costs to make them. Now that’s what I call trust.

Let us know what is making its way into your wish list, we’re always on the hunt for inspiration! If it means bringing sustainable fashion to the mainstream, we’ll be the first to shout every ethical brand name on the street.

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