Fashion Revolution Week

Ella Povey

Posted on April 23 2020

Fashion Revolution Week
This week has been the week that marks the anniversary of the Rana Plaza tragedy and as so, it has been the week of the Fashion Revolution campaign. Now don’t be fooled, Fashion Revolution is a year round global movement, only this week it is celebrated and emphasised ten fold. The movement has the aims of uniting, retailers, manufacturers, consumers and more together to transform how we source, manufacture, buy and sell clothing.

With this in mind, OffDutyLDN has always aimed to be a part of this industry movement. We have, and always will care for who we work with and be transparent about where our items come from. Our founder, Kelly, has worked with our manufacturing factory in Shenzhen, China for over 15 years. Working in partnership to create bags and accessories for leading high street brands, Kelly has now founded her own brand.

This brings us round to OffDutyLDN. We design, create and sell vegan and sustainable bags and accessories and the factory we work with also has social and ethical responsibility at the heart of it. With annual audits, we ensure everyone in the team is looked after to the highest degree…see for yourselves…

Meet Niangri Zheng, the resident cutting specialist for OffDutyLDN with the trademark Fashion Revolution #imadeyourbag sign .

Next up is Yejiao He, stitching expert to say the least.

We can’t begin to explain the wonders that our factory partners can do and they are key in the OffDutyLDN process…without them we’d be stuck! If you want any more information on our best practices do not hesitate to get in touch, we will never fail to be transparent with our customers to help you make the best decisions.

After all, that is what the Fashion Revolution is all about!

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