The Evolution Of The Fashion Industry

Ella Povey

Posted on April 30 2020

The Evolution Of The Fashion Industry
Within the fashion industry, it is exciting and refreshing to see how brands are evolving, especially in challenging times. Whenever deciding to make a purchase, here at OffDutyLDN we ask ourselves some questions: What are the brands core values? What value can they offer? How do they show they care? It is these questions that led us to make the decisions we did when starting OffDutyLDN and we are proud of our answers.

As the industry is challenged, here at OffDutyLDN we delved into the radical changes that some brands are making. Some research has given a glimpse into a 'trendless' future where brands will be encouraged to slow down and develop their own unique voice. If so, the balance between fast and slow fashion may shift in favour of sustainability, a long awaited change. A Business Of Fashion article seconds this notion, posing the question 'Could coronavirus spark a sustainable fashion awakening?'.

We can only get excited with the possibilities and opportunities that the industry will now face and are already seeing improvements across the board. We believe that brands like ourselves are the ones that will pioneer the new era of change but don’t forget to take a look at our previous blog posts to see other brands we love who are also making moves in the industry. After all, we’re all here to support each other, that’s the only way to make real change.

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