Get Ready For An OffDuty Summer

Ella Povey

Posted on May 14 2020

Get Ready For An OffDuty Summer

If you live in England, like us here at OffDuty, you’ll notice the indecisive behaviour of the sun. One day it’s burning hot and the next it’s drizzling with rain for hours straight…it’s hard to plan your life when you have to switch between your winter and summer wardrobe every afternoon. But, we have your back ladies and gents.

We’ve complied our list of the essentials to get you ready to make the most of the sun (when it does come out). And, you guessed it, it’s all guilt free! No nasties, all ethically made and sustainably sourced you’ll be making the most of the English summer in no time.

1) Suncream

Everyone should be wearing suncream on the daily rain or shine. But if you’re still working on getting yourself in that routine we suggest the Body Shop skin defence SPF 50+. It leaves no white cast, is cruelty free and will keep you protected against those UV rays and pollution (which does more damage than you may realise).


2) Glowy Moisturiser

If you’r anything like me, you’ll be needing a bit of help in that summer glow department. But, I’m okay with that because that means I get to keep my skin looking young and out the sun but not missing out on my bronze goddess moment. We suggest the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter natural bronze body lotion, it has a dreeeamy formula and gives you that perfect tint.

3) Hair heat protectant

Hair protection can often fly under the radar in what you take to the beach but it’s an essential, whether your hair is au naturale or faux blonde. We always reach for the Not Your Mother’s Beat The Heat spray, a little spritz every so often never hurt anyone!


4) Tote bag

And of course, how could you be prepped for the summer without the perfect pick me up tote to carry your essentials in! The Mary Poppins of all totes will let you carry your towel, bikini, toiletries and maybe even a bottle of wine or two with ease! Our Balbina North/South shopper is the perfect finale to your beach outfit!

And there you have it. The quick fire way to being stress free this summer! Look after yourselves ladies ;)

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