• What to do when you’ve got nothing to do

    For your sake and sanity, here at OffDutyLDN we have compiled a list of the five things we’ve found ourselves doing, places to shop (online), and self improvements to make while we all have that extra hour or two on our hands…no more excuses!
  • Get Ready For An OffDuty Summer

    We’ve complied our list of the essentials to get you ready to make the most of the sun (when it does come out). And, you guessed it, it’s all guilt free! No nasties, all ethically made and sustainably sourced you’ll be making the most of the English summer in no time.
  • The Evolution Of The Fashion Industry

    As the industry is challenged, here at OffDutyLDN we delved into the radical changes that some brands are making.
  • Fashion Revolution Week

    This week has been the week that marks the anniversary of the Rana Plaza tragedy and as so, it has been the week of the Fashion Revolution campaign...
  • Styling A Cross Body Bag

    Who doesn’t love a cross body bag? They’re so easy to carry, the perfect amount of space for your phone, lippy and purse without too much space for all the wrappers we can somehow collect!
  • Our Sustainable WishList

    Are we the only ones that seem to always have the longest wish list that is never ending? Please say it isn’t…
  • What’s In Our Beauty Bag?

    We know better than most how hard it is to find a list that is compiled of all the best and most accessible cruelty free beauty finds. Here we are to give you a helping hand and show you what we carry in our pouch everywhere we go…